we are

a full-service creative impact agency focused on

creating, representing, and distributing

conscious content.

conscious content

/ˈkän(t)SHəs/  /ˈkäntent/

creative work that mirrors the world today while telling

a story authentic to the creator's personal experiences.


we reimagine unique avenues

for music, art & technology to

create sustainable futures

we recognize the power of emotion and the importance of

authenticity, story-telling & community


our mission

is simple...


to empower.


we are here

we empower sustainable connections within & around our extensive network,

arming our clients with the tools they need to tell their stories & contribute to their communities.






we operate

from a place of love

we value open,

honest communication

we nurture authenticity,

story-telling, and community.


are as real

as you make them



leading a career

with love

is the first ingredient to success



let us




to terms with who you are


your path clearly


your fears

be the change

you wish to see in the world

tell us your story

our ears are open

and our mouthes are shut…



to put our heart into our work

in empowering you to use your voice how it’s intended:

to create change for yourself and the world around you.






We’ve done our homework to develop a perspective and approach to our work that revolves around  human interaction & instinctual response.

In our experience, we have learned that

sometimes it takes another set of eyes to

see the simplicity in your                    

personal genius...

you can trust us

to help you see the bigger picture.




the legend of the hummingbird

goes something like this...

one day

there was a wildfire that

broke out in the jungle. 


PTMG 2019 LOGO_silver.png

Perfect Ten Media Group is the brainchild of Madeline Fuhrman, a boundary-breaking artist and innovator who leads her life like the hummingbird in doing the best she can every day to put out fires.

Creating her own rules as she has gone along, Madeline has devoted her life to following her instincts and dreaming up solutions to some of the many problems we experience on a human level in the world today, using her original music as a tool to help her understand her own feelings and guide her.

In her research and development of PTMG, Madeline sought to define a distribution model that de-risked investments in art and intellectual property, while simultaneously empowering these investments to be the voices and catalysts of change in the increasingly digital world we are experiencing.

launched October 2017 in Las Vegas at the Global Crowdfunding Convention, marking the beginning of a nine-month-long journey to test her distribution model in France taking every personal risk imaginable to study her creation first-hand as both its creator and point of focus.

What she learned was that her theory was viable, and that, poetically, she had to live her own creation in order to understand what its key ingredient was all along -

The journey is what taught her the lessons she sought to help others learn. She found truth and personal growth in practicing what she preached in her songs and to her graphic design clients.

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Taking what she has learned, Madeline has evolved her approach and perspective to be pure, simple, and one of love. This shows in the work she produces and the passion with which she approaches her projects.

Her goal is to encourage & empower your

creative freedom as she helps guide you towards:


  • coming to terms with who you are personally & professionally

  • seeing your path clearly

  • conquering your fears

  • being the change you want to see in the world 

Madeline is proud to offer you her alternative approach,

built on sustainable brand identity, mutual prosperity & self-actualization. 


our partnerships and campaigns are created

for optimized collaboration & mutual prosperity.

...so everyone wins.

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